As you may have read, Indonesian cuisine is well known throughout the world. In our recipe section you will find a lot of delicious Indonesian recipes.

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in a country where the eating never seems to stop, you've got the opportunity to get to know quite a few dishes.

"We are very proud of the fact that in Malaysia, we can eat up to six meals a day," says Ong; "A typical day can start with breakfast, then elevenses, followed by lunch. A light bowl of noodles fills any gaps between 4pm and 5pm, and dinner is our main meal of the day." 

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From sushi to teriyaki, this collection of Japanese and Japanese-inspired recipes will have you saying let's eat, or "itadakimasu", in no time!

If you need a hand, we've also got some tips on how to roll sushi and a Japanese menu plan for eight all ready to cook!